Wk1: Personal Promise Declaration

Week 1 In-Class Activity: Reintroduction

  • What did I do well last year?
  • [History & Theory of Ideas]
  • What did I do badly last year?
  • [Drawing Studio]
  • Did I achieve my goals last year? How much of it did I achieve?
  • [I guess it’s a yes that I achieve my goals last year, in terms of completing yr 1 and proceeding to yr 2. At that point, I was only focusing on passing my results and anticipate for yr 2. Although I did not get very good results but I tried my best and I will work harder in yr 2.]
  • What stopped me from achieving those goals?
  • [Time management, as I have a tendency to side track a lot.]
  • What are my goals this year?
  • [Achieve good grades and work hard to get to yr 3.]
  • What do I promise to do if I encounter difficulties and am unclear about anything related to the class?
  • [Seek help from friends and lecturers.]
  • What am I committed to achieve in this class?
  • [Understand the main aim of this class.]
  • Who I am (name), and some brief, distinctive things about myself.
  • [I am Shi Min, I do not have good time management, and I can’t draw very well too, but I’m straight forward and like to things that are simple but unique in their own way.]
  • What is my (Unique Selling Proposition)? List a few possibilities.
  • [To be able to design in a simple but unique way.]
  • [To be able to easily communicate the idea to my client.]
  • [The idea can be straight forward but also, it is able to allow the client to think in a different way (still trying to figure out how).]
  • What bad habits of mine do I intend to do something about over the semester?
  • [Time management.]
  • What is my promise to the class this year… (What I can contribute to make it a better learning environment for everyone, etc)
  • [Work hard and try to give more suggestions and ideas. I try..]
  • What I would like to achieve in my three years in the DCMD course?
  • [I would like to be a creative person as I have stated before that I’m still learning to be creative and come up with many different ideas.]

July 6, 2010. Wk1: Personal Promise Declaration. Leave a comment.