Wk8: Re/Flex Journal Deliverables Part 5

5. Overall reflections on what you learned in DCMD (all modules, esp BDS and DCOM) + 200+ words

In DCMD, I learn about the word perspective, know myself better, and gained knowledge about life, art and design. I have grown to be someone who thinks more than I should, being in deep thoughts most of the time and reflecting on what I have learn more than what I had done in Secondary school. If thinking too much cause this change, perhaps maturity could be the word to describe how I feel. DCMD have broadened my mind and eyes in the way I look at different things and it’s something that I might not be able to experience in other courses. In BDS, marketing is not just about selling the product, there are many stages, from the branding process to the 4Ps and how you advertise the product or service, the target audience, how they feel and think is crucial. How you communicate to bring across the message in its most effective way in advertising is part of the design process. DCOM aids my design process in many different ways, in terms of perspective, how we can find the different elements and how they can be linked together. Understanding of oneself and others is also part of the process such as doodling is one way to help us think differently. Creating a certain communication model helps us to focus on the objective and tells us what we need to do is one way. Whereas, 3D Modelling, MAYA, has helped me to create another interest in something I feel that I might enjoy doing and in terms of technology, I feel that it will aid us a lot in the future. Creating a product or object in 3D allows me to actually look at the object specifically, the details, design, fonts, texture and colours that I have not really look at. WEB Design has also allowed me to have the urge in wanting to create a webpage that I have always wanted to try. Although it is a tedious work in terms of getting the CSS, HTML right, I want to learn more and do more. So I guess, the interest is there, it’s just that whether I have the time or not. On the other hand, Creative Communication was not exactly I wanted as English was not my best subject and it’s not easy to get every word and sentence right. Although I learn about editing of a passage, script writing and poems as of now, I still don’t think I have the talent for them. However, I will try and do my best, understanding them is not the problem, the problem lies in interpreting them. Overall, DCMD has brought me closer to what advertising is all about, whether or not I will continue to pursue them in the future, it is something I learn and will eventually be of some help to me in the future.


July 6, 2010. Re/Flex Journal.

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