Wk8: Re/Flex Journal Deliverables Part 3

3. Brand Archetype and Metaphor reflection. After working on the week 8 homework (part 1 above), comparing the Brand Archetypes with the Zaltman Marketing Metaphors — think of how these ideas could be used in branding communications (200+ words)

Zaltman marketing metaphors talks about the consumer point of view, whereas, brand archetypes is about the brand itself, how it brings the message or idea across, how it communicate to the viewers or audience. In Zaltman marketing metaphors, there are seven factors that affect the consumers point of view and they are balance, transformation, journey, container, connection, resource and control. As a consumer, I strongly agree with Zaltman’s statement and it’s very true in our society today. If I were to compare Zaltman marketing metaphors and brand archetype, there are both similar in a way that it affects us as humans indirectly and directly, depending on the situation. Advertising is a communication and how it communicates affects how we think. For instance, in Zaltman marketing metaphors, transformation, it stated that due to nature’s ultimate vision, “we see butterflies used in hospital designs and in advertisements promoting sleep aids”. That is how we think, and in brand archetype, it stated that “The universal images of archetypes mingle with our personal unconscious to help create personal ambitions and dreams.” Somehow, imagery is part and puzzle in our lives and we are deeply affected by them. However, it is subconscious but sometimes we question ourselves why we think a certain way and how we go about dealing it. In any case, I personally feel that it dwells in the human brain; we do not really know exactly what we are thinking.

Furthermore, I was quite intrigued by Zaltman marketing metaphors under resource about the part that “In fact, all our giant deep metaphors- our mysterious tunes- populate the songs and other expressions of popular culture around the world.” Somehow or rather, the reflection of our lives or I should say, metaphors, can have such a great impact to us. Similarly, in brand archetypes, “modern mythology tries to do the same in its commercial messages, imparting some important lessons/morals to us,” which is actually kind of contradicting that we learning from ourselves.

On the other hand, an example of using archetypes and metaphors in brand communication would be our CAAS assignment whereby, we create a brand for the Singapore’s aviation centennial event. The brand consists of the logo and tagline in terms of conveying the message using the three key words, Singapore, aviation and connectivity. In one of the elements in my logo, it is considered an imagery metaphor in terms of putting in the three key words together, hence, directly conveying the whole message in the brand. It will be explained in my rationale below.

The main idea of the logo was about everyone (Singaporeans) being able to experience travel in Singapore for 100years till today. In terms of connection, the propeller-like shape represented people of four different races moving together in a circle, connecting with aviation. The swoosh shape showed the movement of people and aviation coming together. The movement of the smaller swoosh to a bigger swoosh also showed the vast progression of Singapore’s advancement towards aviation. It is in cyan colour as it symbolises the sky and blue symbolises the stability and trust in service and safety of Singapore aviation. The shadow helps to give a more 3D effect and enhanced the movement of the people and aviation coming together. The star in red at the end of the swoosh represent Singapore, celebration of joy and excitement and its unusual shape showed Singapore’s progression towards the future.

Whereas, the font gave a more professional and technological feel, showing the technology advancement and high professionalism of aviation in Singapore. The colours of the font are in dark blue provided a more collaborated feel to the whole logo. The tagline “Together, We Fly” is to enhance on the idea of everyone coming together to celebrate the centennial event in Singapore.


July 6, 2010. Re/Flex Journal.

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