Wk8: Re/Flex Journal Deliverables Part 2

2. Personal Brand DNA + personal logo tryouts (from value combinations). Reflect on your attempts to match your Brand DNA with your values, and incorporating them in the logo – revisit your CAAS projects and pull out the most important learning points from that assignment. In terms of the branding process, what do you think are the similarities and differences between personal and corporate brands? (200 + words).

When I started my personal logo, I struggle at first and did not have a particular direction in the kind of design I want and that says it’s totally me except for the part about spirituality that speaks clearly that I’m a Christian and have faith in the Lord. Not exactly trying to spread the gospel or something, but I just couldn’t find something that exactly says it’s me. So I just did something that I like, and it might say something about me. As seen in the logo, it’s a sheep and the characteristics of a sheep are that it follows the crowd but each of the sheep is unique in its own way although all of them look the same. I guess it is kind of like myself in terms of unable to really make an exact decision and tends to seek for opinions from others. I do not have a clear direction in what I want to do whether in design or not, I just follow along with my life, learn as much as I could until I truly find what I truly want to be. Perhaps in the future, my personal logo will change and show more about me.

Personal Logo

However, during this exercise, although we are just following what the words would mean, it kinds of open up the mind and make us think differently. It would also mean different to anyone who looks at it. I like being simple, clear and straight to the point but sometimes it might not work in certain advertisements. I’m also someone who plays a low profile and it’s hard to tell what I’m exactly thinking. But I have moods swings and sometimes people can tell my mood like perhaps I have this aura around me spreading my mood. The benefit about me could be being straight forward but it can be in a good and bad way and obviously I think before I speak. People do not need to believe the claims about my brand, they see for themselves. (Taken from wk6-7: My Brand DNA)


But as for my CAAS logo, it shows clearly about what I want to convey, about connectivity, Singapore and aviation. I learn that sometimes being direct, simple and clear is needed in corporate logos and advertisements. You have to be clear in what you need to do, the objective of the assignment, and looking from another point of view. Some questions are relevant in the brand process, such as what will the audience feel, does it convey your message, and does it have the celebratory feel? Each point of view is different, in terms of the target audience, the gender, age, occupation etc. There are many factors we have to consider and its important in the branding process. Whereas, the personal logo, its more about me and what I want people to know about me, not so much about the target audience and how the audience will feel. However, similarly there is a certain message you want to convey to the people who look it, a story that you want to tell and show.


July 6, 2010. Re/Flex Journal.

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