Wk8: Re/Flex Journal Deliverables Part 1

1. Complete General Communications Model (using illustrator/electronic media) — make sure the communications model is useful and can be reused as a template for future BDS/DCOM assignments to diagnose communications effectiveness. Write up what you understand about effective communications that you’ve learned over term 1 (200 + Words).

Communication Model (Click to enlarge)

In my communication model, I have 2 parts, one for the student and one for a working designer, stating how both the student and the designer can effectively communicate through the communication model. Firstly, there is the source/ sender which is the client’s brief, for instance the CAAS brief, an assignment that the client want us (designer/student) to do. Whereas, us as an interpreter/communicator, we need to understand the objective of the brief by gaining knowledge through research (eg. History of CAAS & Singapore). After understanding the objective, we as the encoder need to make the decision on the code we will use, in terms of how we want the receiver/audience to learn/know from this objective. Next, we create the message which may include the content or visuals direct or indirectly. However, before creating the message, we might meet some difficulties in the processing of the whole idea into a message which is the Noise. In medium, we will be able to decide the treatment of the message in terms of layout, fonts etc. Then we precede onto the channel, which is where we will choose the form of communication to convey the message to the audience such as print, TV ads etc. Last but not least, the receiver, namely the client, lecturers and classmates for the student or directly to the audience for the designer, receives the intended message and provides feedback. They are the reactions or responds from the intended audience for both the student and designer. The student will then be able to make adjustments and finally reaches the client. Whereas, for the designer, the feedback received goes directly to the client for the responds of the certain design or advertisement. The whole cycle of the communication then repeats again. Although, my effective communication is rather long but I feel that it has to be detailed as we might have miss out some points in the whole communication process.


July 6, 2010. Re/Flex Journal.

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