Wk6-7: My Brand DNA

Brand DNA (Click to enlarge)


Draw out your new Brandmark/Logo Drafts. Choose your favourite one, and in a rationale explain how the different graphic elements come together to create a representation of your brand (USP/value proposition: icon/symbol/index;metaphor, metonym, etc)

From my rough sketch, I do not have a favourite as each of them is interesting in its own way. Although I kind of like the one that is in heart shape with faces in it, sort of showing a bright feeling, as it is a combination of friendship and joy, so I guess it’s something that I can really relate to and it’s something that makes me happy. However, all of them are similar in a way that I do not have a particular direction in design, it can anything and everything. But perhaps because I’m a Christian, when the word spirituality comes to my mind, I would think of the image of a cross. And the word directness would mean an image of an arrow or any shape that point. I’m more of someone who likes something that’s straight to the point and perhaps with a twist or something but it’s not easy to create and it might go out of point. During this exercise, although we are just following what the words would mean, it kinds of open up the mind and make us think differently. It would also mean different to anyone who looks at it. I like being simple, clear and straight to the point but sometimes it might not work in certain advertisements. I’m also someone who plays a low profile and it’s hard to tell what I’m exactly thinking. But I have moods swings and sometimes people can tell my mood like perhaps I have this aura around me spreading my mood. The benefit about me could be being straight forward but it can be in a good and bad way and obviously I think before I speak. People do not need to believe the claims about my brand, they see for themselves. Although its not obvious in my sketches, as I have stated that “I do not have a particular direction in design”.


July 6, 2010. Wk6-7: My Brand DNA.

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