Wk2-3: Reflections on human creativity, motivation and communications

Hierarchy Of Needs (My version) (Click to enlarge)

In my hierarchy of needs, there are 15 values that I strongly feel that they should  be part of my needs, however, there is still my top 10 personal values in the diagram. Most of my values lie under Esteem and Cognitive needs.

•Biological & Physiological needs: The necessary needs to sustain my body, heart & mind and survival in this society.
•Safety needs: My values did not fit into this section and personally, I feel that my hierarchy of needs should be about me and how I think; not about being protected etc (That’s another thing).
•Belongingness & Love needs: Considered a physiological need to me and keeps me moving on.
•Esteem needs: A need to keep moving on in everything I do.
•Cognitive needs: A need to continue in the design industry.
•Aesthetic needs: A need to how I view at things/beauty etc.
•Self-actualization: A need to truly understand myself and become a better self.
•Transcendence: A need to go beyond my own philosophical concept or limit.

The top 10 values as seen in the diagram are:
1)Freedom: Something that I want but yet to truly attain it as I’m still bound to what I need to do as a student now.
2)Vitality: The energy/strength to allow me to continue in what I need to do.
3)Spirituality: As a believer, it gives me the strength to work harder and not give up.
4)Friendship: Friends are particularly important to me as motivation and helping me to make decisions in certain things.
5)Focus: An exception need as I lose focus easily, whether it is in doing work or the main focus of the certain assignment.
6)Perspective: In terms of art and design, it is important to view them in perspective.
7)Self-Expression: Similar to originality, I need express my opinions/views in an exceptional way.
8)Creativity: Particularly important in art and design (The industry that I may or may not be in).
9)Perseverance: I give up easily; hence it is a motivational need.
10)Acknowledgement: I need an answer to every question as a confirmation and to keep me motivated.


July 6, 2010. Wk2-3: Reflections on human creativity.

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